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What is SafeProfile's mission?

The most valuable asset for the biggest companies today is data. Do you remember how many companies have a copy of your passport? Have you recently joined a giveaway or competition where you had to fill out a form and as such accepted to receive newsletters? Or have you created a profile on a website and forgotten to delete it again?

Then think about how many times you have done these things in the past and imagine how many companies have your data, even companies you no longer use. We agree that it is hard to remember and to control – which is why we are here.

”We believe that data belongs to the user”

Who created SafeProfile?

SafeProfile is a product by Safe Online which is a company located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Safe Online is a Danish company providing interconnected solutions that among other things help consumers gain control of, and share, personal and sensitive data securely. It makes the GDPR less of a burden and more of a benefit.

How do I get control of my data?

With the new GDPR rules it has become a requirement for companies to meet your requests for having your data deleted, moved or sent. We want to help you gain control of your data by finding out who has your data, what data they have and if you should want it to be deleted, moved or sent to yourself – we will help you with all that too.

How do I ask for my data?

With SafeProfile you can with very few clicks ask to get your data deleted, moved or sent from all the companies that might have your data. We will make sure that they receive a proper notification, so the company knows who you are and what you request of them.

Can I update my information to all companies in one go?

If you for example are about to change your address or telephone number, and you want to share this information with some selected companies, you can easily notify them all in one go with a few clicks through SafeProfile. That way you avoid the trouble of contacting each company individually, which saves you a lot of time.

Is it safe to use SafeProfile?

Yes it is always safe to use. SafeProfile is a product by users – for users. We make it possible for you to get an overview of who has your data and what data they have got.

Our security is very high as SafeProfile is encrypted, and we will always authenticate all our users through text, e-mail or NemID, before they can use our services.

Can you acccess the data I request or send?

No we cannot! As we believe that data belongs to the user, we will of course not have any access to your data that you e.g. receive or send to a company. We only help you facilitate this to give you secure control of your data– we will not use it.

How do I store my data?

With SafeProfile you can choose to add a data vault to store your data. The data vault has one of the highest encryptions in the world – where only you will have access.

If you prefer having your data stored somewhere else, for example your own computer, you are welcome to choose to do that instead and simply not add the data vault. We only want to give you the possibility to choose the safest possible solution.

We have to remember that data is just like currency today, and we have to protect that. This is why we want to help you gain control of it.

Is SafeProfile Free?

Yes It is completely free to use SafeProfile.

If you have any other questions you are more than welcome to contact our team.


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